About Us

Ecuador Tierra Viva (ETV) is an Ecuador-based company whose main goal is to be the bridge between independent travelers and quality travel service providers. We strive to promote Ecuador's tourism wonders with travelers, both local and foreign, and help them plan a unique and memorable travel experience. We believe that the information showcased here will help travelers find quality travel outfitters, free-lance travel guides, lodges, drivers & vehicles, tourism attractions, and more. Also, we believe that the travel information presented here will ultimately help preserve Ecuador's biological and cultural diversity.

As you'll see in this site, Ecuador's unique biodiversity, breath-taking landscapes and indigenous cultures make it a remarkable ecotourism destination.   At ETV we strongly feel that Ecuador has to diversify its economy to include alternate and sustainable activities such as ecotourism.  We are convinced that the future of  the country lies in the path of sustainable development and that ecotourism will become a key component of this development. 

The information showcased here will help you encounter places that few others have encountered, giving  you the chance to experience local culture and cuisine.  Therefore, we encourage you to come to Ecuador with an adventurous spirit and mind and use this site to plan and carry out your dream travel experience.

We are fully aware that at the end of the day, a happy tourist is the best advertisement any service provider can have. So please do contact us if information shown here did not meet your expectations or if you have any suggestions.

Don't just visit Ecuador, live it and love it!