About Us

Ecuador Tierra Viva Travel Company (ETV) is an Ecuador-based and fully registered tour operator agency that offers foreigners and locals the chance of doing sustainable tourism (ecotourism, community tourism, adventure tourism) in Ecuador. ETV's goal is to provide our clients with a unique and memorable travel experience and help preserve Ecuador's biological and cultural diversity.

ETV crew

Ecuador's unique biodiversity, breath-taking landscapes and indigenous cultures contribute to the country's enormous ecotourism potential.   Our approach to travel is to include these three elements together with great customer service in all the products and services we provide.

At ETV we strongly feel that Ecuador has to diversify its economy to include alternate venues such as ecotourism.  We are convinced that the future of  Ecuador lies in the path of sustainable economic activities and that ecotourism will become the most important of such endeavors.  Ecotourism will allow Ecuador to use sensibly its natural resources and conserve it biological wealth for future generations.

ETV believes that sustainable development must take place at the rural level.  We contribute towards this notion by visiting rural areas and employing locals from rural communities.  As a result, we not only add an extra source of income to rural economies but also help communities realize that there is money to be made by conserving their biodiversity.

ETV's staff is formed by people with different professional backgrounds who are devoted to and passionate about their job.  We believe that our  individual skills come together to steer  ETV in the right direction, allowing us to provide excellent and unique travel products and services.

Our tours and travel services

Our tours take place mostly in protected areas and rural communities.  This gives our customers a chance to penetrate deeper into the Ecuadorian wilderness and culture.  We try to keep our tours as simple and environmental-friendly as possible.  We do this in part by working with small community-based lodges and ecolodges, and by using environmentally friendly products as much as possible.  We do not offer luxury rather great customer service in a unique and rustic setting.

Laguna de Achupallas, Loja, Ecuador

During our tours you will encounter places that few others have encountered, giving  you the chance to experience local culture and cuisine.  Therefore, we encourage you to come to Ecuador with an adventurous spirit and mind and allow us to help you carry out a memorable travel experience.

We tour with small groups of people at a time.  This is done in order to make our tours as intimate and pleasurable as possible.  It's our hope and effort to leave our clients with a lasting experience of Ecuador.

Finally, we offer a wide array of travel services. All the travel providers showcased in this site are committed to sustainable travel and high quality customer service.  One of the goals of this site is to become the bridge between independent travellers and quality providers such as travel outfitters, free-lance travel guides, lodges, drivers, etc.  We hope that the information provided in this site will allow our customers to make the best purchase decisions possible. We are fully aware that at the end of the day, a happy tourist is the best advertisement any tour operator can have.