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Welcome to Ecuador Tierra Viva Travel Company (ETV) your first stop for sustainable tourism in Ecuador. Here you can find info on travel service providers, tour packages, free-lance tour guides, travel routes and more. If your are interested in ecotourism, community tourism and/or adventure tourism and other types of sustainable tourism then you have come to the right place.

The goal of this site is to present up-to-date and georeferenced Ecuadorian travel info.  We want to be the bridge between quality and environmentally-conscious travel service providers and you, an environmentally-conscious traveler who is looking to experience the real Ecuador, its land, biodiversity and people.

There are four simple steps to get the most out of this website,

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The tour service providers listed here vary in the degree and extent of their green initiatives; however, all carry out at least one environmentally-conscious activity. Some providers have some type of green certification, whereas others are in the process of obtaining theirs. We hope that your decision to do business with them will encourage them to become greener in the short term.

Please do contact us at any time that we'll be happy to help you organize a safe a memorable trip in Ecuador.

And remember, don't just visit Ecuador, live it!